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BMV: Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Is your vehicle registration on hold due to a toll violation? Learn how to resolve this. Professionals and Hoosiers can review our helpful resources for more info. View the list of proposed rule changes from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Vehicle Definition Meaning
1605-15; Latin vehiculum, equivalent to veh ere to convey -i- -i- -culum -cle 2. how to pronounce vehicle. Because the primary stress in vehicle is on the first syllable, the h h in the second syllable tends to disappear: vee -i-k uh l.
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vehicle - Nederlandse vertaling - Linguee woordenboek.
driver or any passenger of the ins ur e d vehicle m a y also apply to the contracting party of the policyholder, even though he was not the driver or a passenger of the ins ur e d vehicle a t t he time the loss or damage occurred.
CITA International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee.
Dekra Automotive France. Driver Vehicle Agency UK. Driver Vehicle Standards Agency UK. Emitech Group France. Estonian Transport Administration Estonia. Federal Association Vehicle Technicans Austria. FSD Fahrzeugsystemdaten GmbH Germany. General Directorate of Road Transport Services Albania. Georgian Technical Centers Union Georgia.
Driving and vehicles
Driving and vehicles. Driver education, licences and fines, vehicle registration, licence plates, commercial transportation, and buying and selling a vehicle. Services and information. Access to driver and vehicle information. Drivers abstracts, motor vehicle information and release of information to serve court documents.
vehicle meaning of vehicle in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
Analysts see the stock market as the investment vehicle of choice this year. 3 a car, bus etc commercial vehicle goods vehicle heavy goods vehicle large goods vehicle public service vehicle Origin vehicle 1600-1700 French véhicule, from Latin vehiculum, from vehere to carry.
Netherlands Vehicle Authority RDW Search. To top. Logo of the Dutch government. European Commission Point of Single Contact.
This provides RDW with a clear position in this chain, with its mission: RDW, partner in mobility. The Dutch government has assigned four important tasks to RDW.: Licensing: The licensing of vehicles and vehicle parts on the Dutch and European market.
Vehicle - Type.
The color or color combination of the interior of the vehicle. The type or material of the interior of the vehicle e.g. synthetic fabric, leather, wood, etc. While most interior types are characterized by the material used, an interior type can also be based on vehicle usage or target audience. The release date of a vehicle model often used to differentiate versions of the same make and model. vehicleSeatingCapacity Number or QuantitativeValue. The number of passengers that can be seated in the vehicle, both in terms of the physical space available, and in terms of limitations set by law. Typical unit code s: C62 for persons. vehicleSpecialUsage CarUsageType or Text. Indicates whether the vehicle has been used for special purposes, like commercial rental, driving school, or as a taxi. The legislation in many countries requires this information to be revealed when offering a car for sale.
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vehicle - Wiktionary.
pharmaceuticals The main excipient such as an oil or gel that conveys the active ingredient of a drug. an ointment with a petrolatum vehicle. An entity to achieve an end. mission service as a vehicle for development of better-rounded worldviews.
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The purchaser of a new MY22 NEXO Fuel Cell may be eligible for a California clean vehicle rebate from $0 up to $4,500, subject to California's' Clean Vehicle Rebate Project CVRP Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise permitted under the CVRP Terms and Conditions, the rebate is a potential future benefit and is not applied at the time of purchase.

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